Serving students from communities deeply impacted by educational inequity in the Greater Philadelphia area on the campus of The Episcopal Academy

Swim Program

Learning to Swim at Horizons

Swimming is a key component of the Horizons student experience. Becoming a competent swimmer builds confidence and a desire to achieve. Most of our students come to Horizons with minimal to no experience in the water. Overcoming this fear and learning to trust qualified instructors build their self-esteem and encourages risk-taking in the classroom. Students quickly discover “If I can learn to swim, I can learn anything!”

Learning to swim:

  • Encourages attention to detail and commitment to a goal
  • Teaches resilience and strategies to overcome fears and obstacles
  • Inspires children to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Introduces a competitive sport
  • Teaches skills for summer employment
  • Is FUN! Promoting a love for and engagement in Horizons