Serving students from communities deeply impacted by educational inequity in the Greater Philadelphia area on the campus of The Episcopal Academy

Serving children from the Philadelphia region on the campus of Episcopal Academy

About Horizons Episcopal Academy

Horizons at Episcopal Academy is a transformational, community-centered education program proven to close the opportunity gap. We are committed to to the development of the whole child, providing invaluable experiences and changing the life trajectory of youth from communities impacted by educational inequities in and around the Philadelphia area. We make a nine-year commitment to our students from kindergarten through 8th grade, and provide year-round support and a high school program. During the summer, students typically make two- to three-month math and reading gains, a positive outcome that negates summer learning loss and ensures that students enter the new school year ready for the rigor of a new grade level.

The Horizons at Episcopal Academy summer program provides two nutritious meals each day and blends high-quality core academics with instruction in STEM, the arts, health & fitness, cultural enrichment, community service, confidence-building challenges through activities including swim instruction and social/emotional support. Once in high school, our students become part of a one-on-one mentorship program that supports them through their high school career and helps them plan for post high school.

Expanding Learning, Expanding Horizons